Nearby Attractions


Dhuandhar &  Marble Rock Bheraghat.
These rocks are situated at a distance of 14 km. from Osho Amritdham.Nature itself feels proud for making such a beautiful place. The waterfall and the high marble rocks had a special place in the heart of Osho.


This tree is situated in the Bhawar Tal Park, which is located at adistance of 4 km. from Osho Amritdham. This is the fortunate tree who had witnessed the enlightenment of Osho.



Osho Teerth Kuchwada

Kuchwada is the birth place of Osho. The village is situated on the Jabalpur-Bhopal road at the distance of 180 km. from Osho Amritdham. Newly constructed Pyramid shape meditation temple is themain attraction of this place.



Osho Childhood Place Gadarwara-

It is that place where osho has done schooling and met spiritual mystic Magga Baba and Pagal Baba, and Masto Baba. It is situated 150 K.M. from Amritdham Ashram Jabalpur

Khana National Park-

Khana tigher reserve also called Khana National Park is one of the tiger reserves of india, and the largest National park of M.P. state in the heart of India. Is about 160 K.M. from the Osho Amritdham.




Khajuraho group of Monument is a group of Hindu and Jain Temple In MadhyaPradesh.They are one of the UNESCO world Heritage sites in India.It is about 250 K.M. far away from this Ashram.