The facility to keep silence for 21 days in person is available throughout the year.



Neo sannyas is the new way of living sannyas given by Osho to the contemporary man.

Before Osho the traditional sannyas used to carry a notion of anti world in it. It is with Osho a revolutionary way of living sannyas has come into existence, where we see that the world that we live in is not anti spiritual but it is a mandatory step to pass through for undergoing inner transformation.

It is through neo sannyas, the Osho’s vision for the birth of a new man “ZORBA THE BUDDHA” come into existence who would not escape from the world but experience every moment of this world in multi dimension i.e. Science, Religion, and Art, and thus remain integrated in his individuality.  



1)    Sannyas is the search for inner truth of our own existence. It is the journey from individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

2)    It is journey less journey from normal state of consciousness to fully awakened state of super consciousness.

3)    Sannyas is a science to transform our raw biological and psychological energies into divine energies.

4)    It simply means leading a life of awareness. Sannyas is a individual commitment for the upliftment of one’s own consciousness.

5)    It is with awareness the quality of our routine life changes into meditative life. It is with awareness we become integrated to live harmoniously with our inner capacities of mind, heart and soul.

Group Meditations

1.        No Mind

2.       Mystic Rose

3.       Born Again

4.       Swadisha Bodh

5.       Mai Kaun Hu and Vippasana