Daily Meditations

Daily Meditations

Daily Activities of Osho  Amritdham

1.                  Morning 5:30  Swadarshan Prayog


Self-Witnessing knack comes very easily in our daily routine life and can bring a serene transformation by helping us to come out from stress and allow attaining peaceful and natural life in a simple way.

Out come of self witnessing knack

Positive transformation by integration of raw energies like Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego, Fear, Envy, Hatred etc.

Make personal relations  pleasant.

Art of changing every home into heaven.

Despite living our routine social life, passing through this technique would develop Awareness, Right Mindfulness, and Understanding, enhance Wisdom and wakeful qualities and guide us in right direction to discover Samadhi-The ultimate fulfillment.


Every morning before getting up from the bed pay attention at your naval centre  with closed eyes since navel centre is the door for the inner journey and connect us to the source  of life energy.

I step [be watchful to all body Activity] How?

Exhale rapidly for 5 minutes and be watchful with closed  eyes for two minutes. Now walk step by step consciously and stop suddenly to watch within so as to cross check whether you are conscious in the present moment with the body or entangled in thoughts.

Repeat this walk for 5 minutes with sudden stops in between.           

II step {be watchful to all mind activity}How?

Sit in a comfortable posture by keeping spine and face straight. Remain still and static and be watchful to all thoughts and gaps without any judgment or discrimination.

10 Minutes.

III step {be watchful to all Heart activity}

Sitting in the same comfortable posture, remain still and static; be watchful to all your moods, feelings and gaps without any interference.

10 Minutes

IV step {watching breath at navel centre}

Sitting in the same static posture be watchful to the incoming and outgoing breath at your naval centre. Breath coming in navel going up, breathe going out navel going down watch this process without missing the track of awareness. Also be watchful to the gaps in between the breaths.

10 Minutes

V Step

Leave the mind, body breath to relax completely. Do not add anything from your side.

This simple scientific technique can be practised by anyone as per their time & convenience.

Now or Never Awareness: The only way

NB .  Whenever you find leisure exhale rapidly for 2 minutes and pay attention at the navel centre & be watchful. This would help us to remain in the present moment and to be with our self,

Before getting into grip of raw energies like lust, Anger, etc, instead of reacting or repressing exhale rapidly for 2 minutes and be watchful at your navel centre, until you regain normalcy. This will   bring the serene transformation positively.


2.    Morning 7:00 Dynamic Meditation and Vipassana


3.    Evening 5:00 Kundalini Meditation


4.    Evening 7:00 Osho White Robe Brotherhood and Ratri Dhayan