About Us

Osho Amritdham Ashram situated amidst the hill tops of devtal at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

These hilltops of devtal are the Tapobhumi {Sanctified ground} of Osho. Osho often used to come to these hilltops in search of his inner truth. Osho trod this hilly terrain and transformed it into a sanctified ground by his unique presence.

A unique event has happened here, is happening and continues to happen in these picturesque surrounding hills of Devtal. His divine energy can be experienced even today. One can attain peace just by being immersed in “DHYAN” amidst the exotic environment of “OSHO AMRITDHAM”.

This unique holy place is bestowed with marvellous beauty by the nature itself. The environment of this place is full of music coming from chirping birds waterfalls jingling sounds of cricket and music of deep silence, fragrance coming from flowers and fruits.

The nature has abundantly blessed the region, with exquisite flora and fauna including the inanimate rocks invariably adding to the beauty of the “Amritdham” gives the “Amritdham” an ethereal appearance. The divine world is personified here.

This place has come into existence in the year 1971, by Sw. Anand Vijay under the guidance of Osho, from then onwards meditations  are continually being practised here   


To enhance the inner journey of meditators this place has-

Osho Shila

 This is the rock where Osho used to sit for long hours in meditation before his  Enlightenment

Silence Cave

This is the place meant for silent sitting where meditators experience the silent spaces within them. This cave is filled with intensive silence all around and helps in meditation to reach the space beyond words & Thought.

Naad Kumbh-


 Naadkumbh is meant for chanting the soundless sound OM. The sound OM purifies body & mind. The shape of Naadkumbh is Oval like Egg, which helps to shower the sound energy back on us in circles and helps to perish our superficial personality and develops the indivisible individuality.

Satori Temple

 The unique dome shape of Satori Temple helps to convert micro sound waves into circles and thereby intensifies the quality of meditation. This temple is having wonderful capacity to store subtle waves of meditative energy. Various meditation techniques are being practised daily in this Satori Temple.


Osho literature is available in this library in the form of books and Audio Video CD’S. This library also functions as a Reception & Welcome centre.



The credit for all these mystical creations goes to venerable”Sw Anand Vijay”. He accompanied Osho, since he was in Jabalpur. He took Sannayas in Jan 1971. He is one among the few fortunate osho lovers who was guided on his inner journey by Osho himself, and since then he is giving his services by conducting meditation camps all around India. And he is always eager to take you on the journey of being more meditative loveable and blissful.


Wife of Swami Anand Vijay played a very vital role in the construction of this Ashram. She supported Swamiji in all different climates courageously, irrespective of health and family pressures. She used to prepare food for up to 150 persons  at –a-time. Even after getting paralysis she  continued  supporting Swamiji  till her last breath.